Chiang Mai Diaries


Students from the Urban Lab have arrived in Thailand this weekend. Currently they are exploring the historic city Chiang Mai, where they will work with international teams from Japan, South-Korea and Thailand. The aim of the workshop is to develop a model of preservation that integrates the daily lives of the inhabitants. On this page we will keep track of their experiences through photos and captions. 


December 19: Stijn is trying to grasp the space as Poo explains the multicultural roots of the main market area in Chiang Mai at the Poo Tao Kong square in the Chinese neighbourhood.

December 15: In the evening the streets of Bangkok remind of Blade Runner scenography.

December 22: Patty and Tin working on a redesign of Thapae Road

After taking some language barriers design is now making some progress

Bouwe is trying to concentrate in the big meeting room