Destruction of Architecture


A ritual of sacrifice and healing


On the afternoon of October 5, 2018, architecture enthousiasts of the Eindhoven University of Technology took to heal the profession of its sins by sacrificing the models of students and the famous architects' works they represent. 25 Models, 25 seminal buildings: architecture marked for slaying. Like trees in a forest, the crudeness of selection served as reminder of the ritual's indifference to architectural value and relevancy. No Max Dudler, no Rem Koolhaas, no Louis Kahn could escape its wrath and after order and orthogonality were vanquished mere chaos remained. In a world post-architecture, only true expressions may feed off their mangled legacy. 

This brings to mind the 1985 manifestation "Het Verlangen naar Architectuur" (The desire for architecture), in which all fundamental elements of architecture were compiled in an extravagant exhibition hosted by the Eindhoven faculty of architecture, which was subsequently burnt to the ground in an attempt to have architecture rise from the ashes like a phenix. 


This event was a joint venture between Chronotopos, Curatorial Research Collective and the Urban Lab. The models were part of the course Architecture Analysis and were supplied by Chronotopos.