Central Community Park


Chanachai Panichpattanakij


Big Complexes in Small Villages, Sept. 2017 - Feb. 2018, Tutor: Marcel Musch

Location: Kentalis, Sint Michielsgestel, Noord-Brabant

Open spaces for community


Kentalis, the school for deaf located in the heart of Sint-Michielsgestel Village, the building has more than a century of history, importantly, emerging of this institute has influence to the village growth. Through time, the building and its surrounding have been transformed in both aspects of form and function and somehow the monument has lost its own monumentality. This urban intervention proposes a courtyard typology of a cluster of buildings to create a symmetry on both side of linear public park at the rear of monumental building.

The three openspaces are provided to serve different programs consisting of a communal plaza connected to main entrance from the main road, Health care courtyard surrounded by healthcare facilities and nursing home and private residence courtyard enclosed by monumental building and its extension part where the old structure was demolished in 1990. At the front of the monument, the architectural transformation proposes two sunken plazas to create leisure spaces connecting to cafés and restaurants which are converted from the former basement. This intervention is to create a better approach to front side of the monument, therefore it would emphasize its monumentality for Sint-Michielsgestel.