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A photo exhibition on Rotterdam and Japan


Justin Agyin, Lennart Arpots, Joep Coenen, Kenzo Lam

Graduation studio The Intermediate Size IV | Tutors: Jochem Groenland & Hüsnu Yegenoglu

January 11 - January 29, 2019


On Friday January 11, students of graduation studio The Intermediate Size opened a compact photo exhibition, curated by themselves, on the relation and interaction between network and place. The exhibition is one of the results of the Summer School / Graduation Studio crossover past July, where students of the Urban Lab visited several Japanese cities and attended an 8-day international workshop in the Japanese village Hizen-Hama-Shuku. Its focus lies on establishing relationships between the embedding of a supralocal network into a local environment, exploring the reciprocal adaptation to their new contexts. Some surprising parallels between Tokyo and Rotterdam are found and conveyed through various photo compositions, presented on seven white cubes. It is possible to visit the exhibition in the Trappenzaal of the Built Environment Faculty of TU/e until January 29.