About Us

The Cool Printing Company

We help brands who want to represent themselves well understand the printing process, unlike other print shops, our solutions strive for growth and innovation while never sacrificing attention to detail and deep connection to our customers.

Who We Are

Creative Team

We are a team of the coolest printers and designers and are dedicated to providing you with clothing you are proud to wear, clothing that makes your brand look good.

Omar Saeed
Andres Martinez
Ryan Molina
Motion Graphics Artist
Zakiyyah Brown
Graphic Designer, CSR
Sheraz Siddiqi
Printer, HTV Specialist
Who We Work With

Our Creative Partners

It's in our name, Creative Connections. As a team of young entrepreneurs, we foster an ever-growing network of ambitious creative professionals to help you meet all your creative needs.

D'Mitri Christie

We deliver lifestyle & brand photography to business entrepreneurs as well as promotional videos, event photography and portraits.

Jan-Philip Radde
Designer & Creative Director

We are a design studio that provides design services to young-spirited brands that want to leave a powerful legacy and an impact on the world.

Ryan Molina
Artist & Motion Graphics Designer


Designer that creates dynamic elements for brands and recording artists looking to provide their consumers with a memorable experience.

Where We Work

Behind the Scenes

What do you get when you put 5 creatives, 11 machines and a handful of partners in an office? The coolest printing company, ready to crush all orders and create work that impresses.

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