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Check out our list of frequently asked questions to get quick answers about our company and services.

How do I get a quote or place an order?

To get a quote or place an order, the easiest way is to use our contact form. You can also shoot us an email or visit us in store.

What are the best files types to send?

The best file types to send are in order:
AI (Adobe Illustrator), PSD, EPS, PNG and JPG/JPEG

For screen-printing, files must be vector files.

Unless you are printing a photograph, your artwork should have a transparent background. If your artwork is not transparent, or you need and do not have vector files, we can create them for you charging our artwork fee.

What is the best form of printing?

The beauty of having multiple forms of printing is that they all have their advantages and disadvantages for each individual project, meaning while there is no absolute best, there is a best form of printing for your project. Find out more about the differences in our Services section or Get in Touch to learn which form is best suited for you.

How can I get my design embroidered?

To get a design embroidered you will need a special file (.DST) that will give the machine instructions on how to stitch your design. You can provide this file for us or we can make it for you for a fee according to its size.

How does pricing work?

The pricing of garments follows a simple equation.

Garment Cost
Decoration Cost
+ Extras Cost

= Total Unit Cost

x Number of Units

Can I make a sample? Do you make one-offs?

Getting a sample is a great way to know you're ready to do a big order, we offer samples for all decoration methods at an increased price, that will be deducted from the cost of the final large order. We do also offer one-off prints, however only using Direct-to-Film or Heat Transfer Vinyl.

What is your turn-around time? Can my order be rushed?

Our turn-around time from order to hand-off is 10 days. Orders can be rushed at an additional 15% cost for 7 days or 30% for 4 days.

Is there a minimum order quantity for each design?

Only for screen-printing or embroidery.

  • Screen-printing: 12 pieces

  • Embroidery: 24 pieces

What is the maximum size for printing or heat transfer?

Our maximum size varies depending on the decoration type.

  • Screen-printing: 15" height by 13" width

  • Embroidery: 9" height by 9" width

  • Vinyl Transfer: 17" height by 15" width

  • Direct to Film (DTF): 17" height by 12" width

Can you print over pockets, zippers or seams?

This depends on a lot of factors, the best way to find out a solution for you would be to Get in Touch with one of our printing experts.

Can I bring my own blanks?

Yes, you can bring your own blanks. However, in the event of a misprint, we are not responsible for sourcing the same blanks and will replace it with one of ours.

Do you provide shipping?

Unfortunately at this time we do not provide shipping. Orders can be picked up from our location.

Can you Pantone match colors?

We can Pantone match for a fee of $25.

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